There are Many Incentives for Professional Corporations to Purchase Local Art

There is more to buying local art than beautifying your space, professional corporations should be aware of the key benefits to owning original art by Calgary artists. If you purchase original art you can claim the expenses towards annual tax deductions (click here for more info) while having the opportunity to support local businesses and artists to put money back into the Calgary economy. ArtMatch also provides authenticity certificates for any artwork purchased as these can be used for tax purposes.

(L) Strata 2, Janie Lockwood, 18″ x 36″, acrylic
(R) Valdez Love Letters, Janie Lockwood, 18″ x 36″, acrylic

This client (Reich Law) had just moved in to their new office in the Market Mall professional building in North West Calgary. They wanted to brighten up their new space with local art and take advantage of the tax deductions that come with purchasing from a local business. They found the ArtMatch website and quickly realized that there were an abundance of choices in many different styles from many local artists. With many different walls to fill and a tight deadline of one month before their opening, Reich Law decided the best choice would be to bring Vandy in for a full service package.


Badlands, Rosanna Marmont, 96″ x 48″, oil on wood panel

The main wall in the entry had testosteron propionate feedback darker green walls and beige furniture, Vandy suggested Rosanna Marmont’s artwork as the yellow and wood undertones would suit the space perfectly. Vandy and the client decided to try the painting ‘Badlands’ by Rosanna, this stunning work is oil on wood panel and was a stunning representation of the Alberta badlands (image above). Once Rosanna installed the painting it was obvious that it was the perfect fit, the colour and wood texture tied the space together well.

Time Capsule, Chlan Grant, 72″ x 48″, diptych, mixed media

A long corridor wall that was lined with offices also needed artwork, Vandy thought a neutral coloured but textured painting would be the perfect fit. It was decided that the diptych ‘Time Capsule’ by Chlan Grant would elevate that space (image above). This amazing artwork uses different mediums to achieve a marble finish with three-dimensional silver texture in the centre of the painting, as you walk through the corridor the shifting light catches the silver tones and affects the look of the painting.

Along the River’s Edge, Patricia Neden, 60″ x 30″, oil

The final wall was for the CEO’s office, for which Vandy decided some pops of colour and texture would were needed. She decided with the client to try ‘Along the River’s Edge’ a very vibrant, textured, abstract oil painting by Patricia Neden (image above). Installation of all the artwork was done by Vandy and the artists, a service which is included when you purchase original artwork from ArtMatch along with delivery. Everything came together within the month deadline for the opening event!