How does it work??

You can browse, reserve, and trial any of the artworks in our collection from home. Reserve an artwork online and the ArtMatch team will contact you to answer any questions you might have, and arrange digital mock-ups and/or delivery. For deliveries we observe all social distancing protocols.

Free digital mock-ups: after reserving an artwork, we will contact you to request image(s) of the wall(s) you’d like to decorate, along with dimensions. We will provide mock-up drawings of the artworks(s) you reserved – on your wall and to scale, as per the image below.

Flexible shipping and return policy: upon payment we deliver the artwork to your door, ready to hang. You can live with the artwork for one week with the option to return it for a full refund (excluding shipping costs). To encourage supporting your local artists, shipping is complementary for local purchases. For non-local purchases, shipping costs are calculated upon reservation, and are therefore not included in the listed artwork price.

Professional (and local!) hanging and framing services are available for an additional fee.


Yes, We Do Gift Cards!


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We’ve helped over 300 residential and commercial clients find beautiful, original art in Calgary, Alberta. Our selection comes from a hand-picked variety of local Calgary, emerging and established artists that offer affordable and original paintings. The money you pay goes directly to the artist, with a small fee for consultation and delivery.

Art is a powerful reflection of your personal style and who you are. It should also fall within your budget. Let us help you discover your style and you can help us find a home for local art!

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