Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for your free 30-minute in home or in office consultation, or sign up for one of our packages if you have a larger project in mind. We have already helped 200+ residential and commercial clients in Calgary, Alberta.

We will come to your home or office and get to know you, your space, and your style.
We then create digital mock-ups of your walls showing a variety of paintings we choose together, you’ll get to see what the artwork would look like on you wall to scale!

We have helped over 200 residential and commercial clients find beautiful, original art. Our selection comes from a hand-picked variety of local Calgary, emerging and established artists that offer affordable and original paintings. The money you pay goes directly to the artist, with a small fee for consultation and delivery.

Your home or office reflects your style in many ways but for most of us it is hard to know what that style is.  The art you own should not only reflect who you are, but should fall within your budget. Let us help you discover your style and you can help us find a home for local art!


Included with all the service packages:
• 30-minute complimentary on-site art consultation
• A thorough review of your space and painting options
• Expert art recommendations and digital mock-ups for each wall (based on package)
• Delivery of painting(s) chosen for a 48-hour trial (50% deposit required)
• Pick up of any paintings not purchased
• Assistance with hanging and wholesale-priced framing referrals
• If you’d like a custom commission we can facilitate the whole process

Please note, consulting package rates apply even if you choose not to purchase a painting.

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