Selecting Local Art for your Home!

You wouldn’t believe how many homes and offices I see that have little or no art on their walls. Why do you think that is? In many cases it is because people just have not had the time to get around to it or find it outside of their level of affordability. But people do hire designers to help out with furniture and lighting selections or with refining some of their interior space or decorating choices. Who do they go to however when they need help with making art choices? Interior designers often find that original art selection is very personal, so they either send their clients to galleries or some of their favourite print shops. Galleries however only represent their own collection of artists and the art can be expensive. So, most people just trust their own instincts and end up going to home sense for prints to match their décor, which tends to be a temporary solution.

People will always budget large amounts of money towards all other aspects of decorating such as furniture, construction, lighting etc. Art selection usually comes at the end of any decorating project so the budget is limited by the time most people reach that stage. I generally find that at this stage, the trend is for most people to generally lean towards purchasing prints. People normally do not seek professional advice when is comes to art because they feel it is too personal. I agree completely that original art purchases should be personal and strike an emotional chord in all cases. The thing that people do not realize is that an art consultant just assists in helping you understand what kind of art you are drawn towards and what makes you feel good. The aspects of whether or not it matches your décor of if it is the `right’ choice is not really as relevant.

Season’s Brilliance, Pat Neden, oil, 60″ x 40″
I agree that art which is purchased as an investment should definitely be bought using the advice of a gallery owner who follows an artist’s career, their reputation and what auction houses value their art at over a period of time. But owning original art does not necessarily always have to be about a monetary investment. Original art can also be an investment in yourself and knowing what makes you spark a fond memory, how you imagine what an abstract work could represent, or even appreciating the technique and talent used to create the work. I highly recommend to all my clients that they look at lots and lots of art to appreciate all the options available out there. That is the best way to start to understand what you like and do not like in different art styles.

Run Away Michael, Troy Babineau, oil, 36″ x 36″
Local art is a great option because it is not only original but a lot more affordable. Galleries usually represent a very small percentage of local artists since most of them are not established enough to have a long standing `investment-heavy’ reputation. Galleries after all have an overhead to maintain so it would make sense to only have well-known artists represented. I find it very difficult for most people to find high-quality local art in a single location. ArtMatch was thus created, which offers an online option with hundreds of works of art which are easily accessible since they are local.

It is my firm belief that art should be tested in one’s own space. Whether it be through mock-up images showings many paintings to scale on your own wall or trying out your favourites for a trial period of 48 hours so you can see it at different times of the day. ArtMatch offers a local, personal service in which you sometimes even get to meet the artist and hear about their inspiration! We will also assist with hanging, wholesale framing and offer authenticity certificates. Original art purchases by Canadian artists over the value of $200 can be claimed by any professional corporations as an annual depreciating asset.

Indigo, Holly Burghardt, acrylic, 48″ x 30″
It is important to include art within the budget of any interior renovation because it does play an extremely important role in adding your own personal touch to it. I urge my clients to move forward with art selection and not to be intimidated by original art. It completes your space transforms it into something you want to enjoy again and again. It is always a great thing to support our local artists and our local economy at the same time as making our spaces beautiful.

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