The Bow Valley by

Again, these are pretty large paintings. 5 1/2’ long and 4’ high. Painted on site. These are the kind of statement pieces that hang over fireplaces or living room sofas. The work with the scale of a room. I really enjoy this size of work for the same reason as the Huge paintings. The physicality of working in this size still exists, but the scale is more manageable for collectors. My process for all the landscapes is essentially the same, and I believe that it helps make my work unique. Each canvas is prepared with a red surface. It’s actually called “Venetian Red”. The name comes from the same ground colour of the Venetian landscape painters from the Renaissance. A mentor of mine Howard Fussiner, told me about venetian red. He used it—and suggested I do the same when I was in my early twenties. I did, and it made all the difference in the world to my work. In the outdoors, a white canvas can shut your pupils right up. Your always squinting. What that red does is keep your pupils open when sunlight hits your canvas. So when I mix my colours and apply them to the canvas, they are come out more vivid. The red also strengthens the other colours around it. Red is the complementary contrasting colour to green—something you see a little bit out in nature (this is all boring colour theory stuff — but it’s stuff I do think about it). The Venetian Red has become a key charac-teristic in my pieces, and I deliberately allow it to peak through my paintings. More Albertan Scenes

$3000 CAD
48 (h) x 68 (w) in / 120 x 170 cm
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Colour: , ,

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