Office politics just before Lunch  by

This piece is an observational satire that is steeped in corporate experience and profound questions about timing and control. Different people with diverse backgrounds trying to live in the moment in one office, enjoying their work and everything is clicking. Then, suddenly, an announcement is made that changes everything. The spirit of the office begins to plunge as people begin to talk about their security. It always happens at 11:55 just before lunch on Christmas eve. It happens so often people begin to think it’s a universal law. I always wonder how any one person feels about the timing of such things. The receptionist that is kind to everyone, the IT guy who doesn’t seem to care about anything, the professional who is already looking for the next opportunity, the manager who is just glad the whole thing is over with. 

$1450 CAD
31 x 23 in / 77.5 x 57.5 cm
Color: , ,

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