Looking Past the Birch Trees (Diptych) by

Two panels – 30″ x 40″ and 30″ x 48″

Losing myself in the serenity of the scene; I’m happy to have the light coming through the tree tops remain soft and warm with lost edges and minimum distraction. As I painted each section of the canvas I loved how the pink and mauve tints stayed fresh and clean representing kindness and spirituality next to the baby blues. The fall seasons across Canada is forefront in my mind as I paint the red fallen leaves, and the rich earth tones under them. I’m in wonder at the miraculous result that has come from childhood memories and places I’ve visited over my lifetime. It seems natural and real to me; it is the beauty in our daily life that I want to share with you.

$4200 CAD
30 (h) x 88 (w) in / 75 x 220 cm
Colour: ,

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