Fireworks: A smoke show of colour by

Since I was a child gunpowder had a mystic hold on my imagination. My first recollection of fireworks was in the small town of Rocky Mountain House AB where the July Rodeo show would light up the evening sky. In those days we were able to buy strings of red firecrackers and caps for our toy cowboy pistols. When my kids were young, my family and I sat in our 1948 Willys jeep on the shores of Slocan lake to watch the Canada Day fireworks. While attending ACAD I discovered the artist Cia Guaqiang who created art by using gunpowder and created a 1650 ft. “Sky Ladder” that made its way rung by rung into the dark night sky.

$1200 CAD
30 (h) x 54 (w) in / 75 x 135 cm

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