Early Spring Road by

These pieces need to be seen to really understand how big they are. Not for the faint of heart! They are 5 1/2’ tall, and 7’ wide; and yes they were painted “plein aire”. So pic-ture a guy driving around in a pick-up with basically a billboard made of canvas hanging off the back of the truck bed. When I paint them, I have to lean the painting on the side of my vehicle, strapped down so the wind does not blow it away. When you do large work there are all sorts of challenges—but it’s totally worth it. In order to paint, you need to move your entire body to make the marks. It’s extremely phys-ical. To make a line, you may need to walk a few feet, while moving your arm and bending your back. It reminds me of Jackson Pollock and the physicality of action painting. As you may know, I am a teacher. I always tell my students that the scariest and best thing you can do when creating is take risks. Working outdoors on a monster sized canvas really forced me to take risks, and I am so thankful I did that. I am eager to make more of these, but first I want to get proper homes for the ones ArtMatch is selling. These paintings need a big wall. Perhaps you have a boardroom, or great room in your house that is empty, and impossible to fill—these paintings fit the bill.

$5000 CAD
66 (h) x 84 (w) in / 165 x 210 cm
Style: ,
Color: , ,

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