Church on the Long Grass by

First of all I would like to acknowledge John Wort Hannam.   That’s where the title of this piece comes from. My great uncle Jack ranched in Porcupine Hills. During WW2 he had Japanese workers from the nearby interment camp come and work his ranch. I remember him telling me it was a make or break year. His barn caught fire. He stood there thinking, I’ve lost the Farm” while his Japanese workers made a chain to the creek. Passing buckets of water they put out the fire. I remember him telling me that things changed after that. How could you see these people, who saved his ranch for him, as enemies? The inspiration for this painting was a location very close to my uncle’s ranch.     

This painting also has a little joke in it. I collaged figured velvet onto the surface. It is my black Velvet” painting. The surface is built up in layers of paste and paint.

$3800 CAD
60 x 30 in / 150 x 75 cm

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