Canada Geese by

Canada Geese are not unusual for Canadian artists to depict, most often souring above farmers fields. With a touch of satire and critique at the romantic lens through which Canadian wildlife and wilderness are often represented, Marmont introduces two more elements to the typical depiction; an unused billboard and, in the distance, a factory. Her challenge is to the often unconscious way in which artists and photographers frame Canadian landscape in a manner that edits out that which is ugly, uncomfortable, or unnatural. The risk, she would argue, is the creation and perpetuation of an image that neglects to recognize current circumstances. Her goal as a painter is to take one more step (or many more) back from the viewfinder. Within the billboard is a palatable triptych of birds flying. Outside it is the context we prefer not to see.

$1,900 CAD
48 x 48 in / 120 x 120 cm

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