Big Bales by

I also do more “normal” sized paintings. 16”x20”, 20”x24”, 30”x36”, and 40”x48”. I love going out for a drive, not 20 minutes from my home in Canyon Meadows— and I’m in the middle of the mountains, or looking at an amazing long-view of hay bales. Normal-ly, when I leave to go paint smaller pieces, my wife Holly will challenge me to “make three today”. Like an dutiful husband, I’ll grab 3 canvasses and go for it. Especial-ly with the smaller pieces, I can do it. But, it is challenging. Each painting will start with a “drawing” first. This is mostly due to some of my in-fuences like Max Beckmann, and Roy Lichtenstein. I used to use chalk, but I decided that I liked painting directly on to the canvas with a deep purple tone mixed with turpentine. It’s a liquid concoction that allows me to apply my lines fluidly and quickly. It’s kind of like working without a net…you will recall that I tell my students to scare themselves a little bit by taking artistic risks. So once I have drawn on my assembled canvasses, I will then lay down colour. Usually all I have to do is turn myself a quarter turn to have an all-new incredible Albertan view.

$2000 CAD
48 x 40 in / 120 x 100 cm

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