Guide on how to select original art


When I go to galleries and local art shows, there is a distinct style and certain color palette that I am drawn towards.  In my earlier years, I was open to appreciate all styles of art and wasn’t sure what I liked.  I find that now with many years of interior design experience and also having had my own studio in Inglewood, that my taste has become more discerning.

Shaping a person’s `taste’ in art is a compilation of many past experiences.  Travelling allows us to expand our horizons and allows us to appreciate art styles from around the world.  Attending many galleries and art shows allows us to weed out the art which we like and do not like.  There is an emotional component of `loving art’ that also plays a large role in art selection.  Loving art is often triggered by past memories that evoke emotion.  One can be drawn towards iconic images in a painting that are reminders of events, people, things, or places in their lifetime that hold a special place in their heart.  Not all paintings are iconic however, such as abstract art, which has its own unique way of forming a feeling of personal imagery. There is a difference however between loving art and selecting art for a space.


Okay, so you think you know what styles of art you like and you are occasionally drawn towards a painting that you `love’.  Now the decision is how to know what art to buy for your space and where to put it.

People often get confused at this boldenone proprieta point because they know they like a painting, but they are not sure if it will fit in their space.  Interior designers and art consultants at galleries provide a service to help out with this decision, but of course, that comes with a price.  Art consultants often work for a specific gallery so their goal is to sell art from only their repertoire of artists.  Interior designers most often do not have detailed knowledge of artists or specific styles and quality of art, since their expertise is interior design.  They sometimes have a favorite gallery which is recommended to their clients or depending on budget, they recommend prints.  Some designers choose paintings to `match’ their furniture and accessories by using prints, since it is usually the last stage of the design process so often there is a limited budget remaining for art.

So what is the best way to select art on your own?  When you love art and it evokes an emotion in you, it can eventually find the right space in your home or office WITHOUT matching!  Art is a way of adding your own personality and making the space you spend a great deal of time in YOURS.  When you walk by that painting everyday, it should make you feel good and remind you of a special memory.  You may think that owning original art is expensive but there are many ways you can actually afford it.


If you know there is a specific wall in your home or office that really needs a great piece of art, that is a good start.  You often have to take into account the size of the wall and the current style of decor in that room.  Large paintings can make a big impact in a space but smaller ones can also have an impact with a good frame or a series of similar paintings.

You do not necessarily have to `match’ colors of the painting to your decor, rather I often suggest revolving a color palette of a room around a painting and accessories can always be added to accentuate colors.  Color palettes generally these days are very neutral for walls and furniture, which is the perfect opportunity for you to be bold with your painting color choices!  It is good to be aware of the current style of decor in your room as well so you don’t clash with the style of your art too much.  For example, a traditional impressionistic painting with a gilded gold frame may not work in a clean, modern interior.  Although design trends now are very eclectic so different styles can be merged together, and using frames to tie things together can also help blend styles.


If you are not sure about what art to choose for your space, we can help you.  We can show you styles from over 30 local artists through a selection of over 600 paintings.  These paintings have been curated by a designer and artist with a discerning eye for both what successfully works in an interior and what is excellent `quality’ art.  There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from and the ArtMatch website is very intuitive to use by providing many search criteria (size, color, style, price etc.).  You can reserve a painting right online and we will contact you to arrange for delivery.  There is a 50% deposit taken for any 48 hour trials with no obligation to buy except a $50 fee for delivery.

If you still cannot decide, an ArtMatch consultant can come to you for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to help you choose the style that will work in your space.  If you then choose to go with a package, we provide a digital photo of your wall showing how the paintings you like look on your wall to scale.  Once you make your final selections, we bring the painting to you so you can trial them for 48 hours.  There is no obligation to buy the paintings, you only have to pay the consultation fee.

Why not get help from an expert while supporting the many local talented artists in Calgary?  The art is much more affordable than a gallery because we do not have the overhead of paying rent and therefore charge lower commissions and more money back to the artist.  The consultation fees are also at a flat rate so much lower than the hourly fees that a designer would charge.  Help ArtMatch find a home for local art in Calgary!

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