Finding the Perfect Paintings Through the Seasons

This beautiful and modern home had a neutral palette ready for punches of colour through art. This client already had an eye for amazing art and they had a substantial collection which was spectacular. They needed assistance finding the perfect art from a local artist for their dining room, this is where ArtMatch came in! Vandy came in to do a consultation for them and found that they needed two complimentary paintings for their two art niche walls.

Spring Diptych, Holly Burghardt, acrylic

The clients wanted to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors in to their home as they have a beautiful view of the valley from their dining room windows. They really enjoyed Holly Burghardt’s vibrant and expressive palette knife style of painting. However, with the specific space and size of the walls they could not find the exact right fit for their space. This is when Vandy recommended that they consider a commission, this allowed them to get the exact size they needed in a style they loved.

Fall Diptych, Holly Burghardt, acrylic

Holly came to their home and chatted with them about their needs. An existing painting on the ArtMatch website by Holly was close to the size and layout that they were looking for. Measurements were made to fit the ideal size for each painting on the two walls and it was decided that it may be interesting to show two distinct seasons since Calgary has such an array of temperatures! Fall and Spring were the seasons chosen and Holly got to work on it.

Spring and Fall Diptych, Holly Burghardt, acrylic

After a few weeks, the client had an opportunity to see progress pictures of the paintings and had a chance to tweak the colours perfectly to their liking.  The end result was beautiful compliment to their dining room by having the seasons surrounding them and the outdoors inside while entertaining.