Custom Commissions Can Make the Perfect Gifts!

Commissioned paintings can make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for any special occasion. ArtMatch recently had a request to commission a painting as a wedding gift. The mother of the bride wanted a painting that recreated the beautiful scenery of where the bride and groom tied the knot. As you can see the image provided (below) was truly stunning with vibrant colors, lush foliage, and a truly unique floor rug with complex details.

The original image provided by the client
We often get inquiries for commissions, these can range from pet portraits to sprawling landscapes. The first step to getting your custom commission is by contacting us here with your specific needs. It is important for us to know what your needs are before we begin the commission, this includes the size you would like and your budget. Once we have this information we can help you select the artist from the ArtMatch roster that will create an original artwork just for you! Selecting the artist is one of the most important steps for a commission, this dictates the style of the painting – we have a variety of artists that range in style from representational to abstract that you can view here.

The completed commission by Ettore Iannacito
For this particular commission the client wanted a representational landscape of the destination wedding location. We thought this was the perfect gift and a wonderful way to remember a truly special moment. Working with the client we suggested Ettore Iannacito to complete the commission as we he works within the budget and in the representational style the client requested. After several weeks the client received the painting and was very happy with the finished product, the newlyweds were ecstatic with the painting!

A side by side comparison of the original image and the finished commission
An important factor to consider when commissioning an original painting is time, creating an artwork from scratch can take several weeks or even months. We want to make sure that the finished product isn’t rushed and the artist has enough time to create the perfect artwork for you. The earlier you put the request for the commission in the earlier the artist can begin, making changes as needed and giving you time to consider other options like framing.