ArtMatch Year in Review – 2020

After one year of anxious news-watching, restrictions and reopenings, and quiet evenings at home, we have no doubt adapted to a new way of living and working. I personally had less-than-optimistic expectations for ArtMatch, my online gallery, last year when restrictions were introduced in Calgary. Buying original art in 2020, I thought, would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

I thought wrong!

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Artist Spotlight: Emily Bickell

Are you drawn to serene depiction of the water? Then you will love our next Artist Spotlight which features Emily Bickell! Emily’s work depicts the calm and beautiful feeling of waves and ripples, read more in our newest blog.

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ArtMatch Owner featured in University of Calgary Alumni article

U of C Article


Artist Spotlight: Simon Lavigne

Do you love beautiful and fantastical landscapes? Then you might be interested in ArtMatch artist Simon Lavigne! Simon is a Calgary based artist working with oil on canvas, make sure to check out our newest Artist Spotlight.

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From Us to You: A UCalgary Alumni Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for a loved one made by a local Calgary business? Make sure to check out the U of C gift guide here, which features ArtMatch and other amazing vendors!

Artist Spotlight: Chlan Grant

Do you have a love for vibrant and unique abstract art? If so make sure to check out our newest Artist Spotlight on Chlan Grant! Chlan grew up in a traditional rural community in Saskatchewan. After High School she studied Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Artist Spotlight: Janie Lockwood

We are so happy to introduce you to Janie Lockwood! Janie was born in Vancouver but is now based in Calgary, she is largely self-taught and focuses on creating large-scale abstract paintings. Read more about Janie in our newest blog and stay tuned for more Artist Spotlights! Don’t forget to support local Calgary art!

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Artist Spotlight: Eleanor Boyden

We have another new artist to introduce to you in our artist spotlight blog, welcome Eleanor Boyden! Eleanor was born and raised in Calgary and the beauty of Alberta skies kickstarted her practice. These beautiful and distinct abstract paintings use bold colors and distinct forms to explore humanity and the world. Read more about Eleanor in our newest blog post!

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Artist Spotlight: Zohar Wallach

We are happy to spotlight one of our newest ArtMatch additions, Zohar Wallach! Zohar is a local artist working in Calgary, AB but she was born and raised in Israel. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Haifa University, followed by Handwriting Analysis studies. When she moved to Canada in 1999 she began her career as an artist, read about Zohar and her practice in our new blog post!

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Artist Spotlight: Holly Burghardt

Are you drawn to colourful and textured depictions of Alberta flora, fauna, and landscapes? We are happy to introduce Holly Burghardt, the next artist spotlight on ArtMatch! We hope you are enjoying these features of local Calgary artists! Read about Holly and her practice in our newest blog post.

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