A Luxury Installation at The Concord Condominium in Eau Claire, Calgary

6 years ago, Vancouver-based company Concord Pacific began construction on its first Alberta-based project, an upscale (read: ultra-luxury) residential development spanning 14 stories over the peace bridge, in the heart of Eau Claire neighbourhood. The new development, titled The Concord, was projected to provide over $1 billion in economic impact to the local community. Some images of the development, which is now fully built, below.

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Do we really need art in our homes??

Since we spend more than one-third of our lives at home, we might consider replacing this question with: do we really need art in our lives?

To which most people would say – duh!

And yet, while many of us recognize the value of art in our lives, we struggle to justify buying it for our homes. Even for large projects, art is often given a disproportionately small budget relative to its impact.

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Artist Spotlight: Sheila Rowe

We’re thrilled to welcome Sheila Rowe to ArtMatch in this latest Artist Spotlight! In this blog you’ll learn more about Sheila’s practice and artwork, which depicts Alberta landscapes in a stunning Impressionist tradition.

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Artist Spotlight: Rosanna Marmont

Our next Artist Spotlight is on Rosanna Marmont! In this Spotlight you’ll learn more about Rosanna’s practice and processes, which includes heating copper to make stunning fire copper works and using oil to depict romantic and original Alberta landscapes.

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Artist Spotlight: Patricia Neden

Do you love abstract and original paintings? Our next Artist Spotlight features Paricia Neden, an abstract artist and longtime ArtMatch artist! Read more about Patricia’s work in our newest blog post. 

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ArtMatch Year in Review – 2020

After one year of anxious news-watching, restrictions and reopenings, and quiet evenings at home, we have no doubt adapted to a new way of living and working. I personally had less-than-optimistic expectations for ArtMatch, my online gallery, last year when restrictions were introduced in Calgary. Buying original art in 2020, I thought, would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

I thought wrong!

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Artist Spotlight: Emily Bickell

Are you drawn to serene depiction of the water? Then you will love our next Artist Spotlight which features Emily Bickell! Emily’s work depicts the calm and beautiful feeling of waves and ripples, read more in our newest blog.

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ArtMatch Owner featured in University of Calgary Alumni article

U of C Article


Artist Spotlight: Simon Lavigne

Do you love beautiful and fantastical landscapes? Then you might be interested in ArtMatch artist Simon Lavigne! Simon is a Calgary based artist working with oil on canvas, make sure to check out our newest Artist Spotlight.

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From Us to You: A UCalgary Alumni Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for a loved one made by a local Calgary business? Make sure to check out the U of C gift guide here, which features ArtMatch and other amazing vendors!