Artist Spotlight: Pat Grassick

On to our next artist spotlight, today we are featuring Pat Grassick! Read more about Pat, his practice, and his paintings in this new blog!

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Artist Spotlight: Cathy Checora

Our next artist spotlight is Cathy Checora! Read more about Cathy and her paintings in this new blog!

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Artist Spotlight: Alison Phipotts

We are happy to introduce our artist spotlight! Read more about our first artist in this new blog!

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Creating Stunning Copper Artworks with Rosanna Marmont!

ArtMatch artist Rosanna Marmont is sharing her process to create unique and stunning fired copper artworks! Rosanna Marmont works from her studio in Okotoks, Alberta but most, if not all, of her copper works are made at her studio in Arizona which is the ‘copper state.’

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Selecting Local Art for your Home!

You wouldn’t believe how many homes and offices I see that have little or no art on their walls. Why do you think that is? In many cases it is because people just have not had the time to get around to it or find it outside of their level of affordability. But people do hire designers to help out with furniture and lighting selections or with refining some of their interior space or decorating choices. Who do they go to however when they need help with making art choices? Interior designers often find that original art selection is very personal, so they either send their clients to galleries or some of their favourite print shops. Galleries however only represent their own collection of artists and the art can be expensive. So, most people just trust their own instincts and end up going to home sense for prints to match their décor, which tends to be a temporary solution.

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Finding the Perfect Paintings Through the Seasons

This beautiful and modern home had a neutral palette ready for punches of colour through art. This client already had an eye for amazing art and they had a substantial collection which was spectacular. They needed assistance finding the perfect art from a local artist for their dining room, this is where ArtMatch came in! Vandy came in to do a consultation for them and found that they needed two complimentary paintings for their two art niche walls.

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ArtMatch Summer Exhibition 2019

Join ArtMatch as we present 22 local artists exhibiting over 100 original paintings at cSPACE King Edward in Marda Loop. Meet the artists at our wine & cheese reception on June 13th or at the farmer’s market on June 15th.

Wine & Cheese Reception:
Thursday June 13th, 5-8pm

cSPACE Farmer’s & Maker’s Market:
Saturday June 15th, 10am-3pm

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Incredible Paintings for a Condo in East Village

In fall of last year we were contacted by the Toronto design firm Oni One to see if we would be interested in submitting a proposal for a new residential high rise in East Village. This was for the new development Verve, which was one of the most anticipated developments in East Village, Calgary. The lifestyle in East Village made this an appealing project, it is an upcoming neighbourhood with accessible river paths, hip restaurants, and the new Calgary public library.

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Beautifying Your Home With Local Art in Time for the Holidays!

Last November ArtMatch had a request for three paintings, this client wanted to wrap up some recent renovations just in time for holiday entertaining! Our client, Jeff, emphasized that he wanted unique and versatile abstract artwork from local Calgary artists. There were three spaces he wanted artwork for including the foyer wall, the living room wall, and an art niche space which functioned as the home bar in the dining room.

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There are Many Incentives for Professional Corporations to Purchase Local Art

There is more to buying local art than beautifying your space, professional corporations should be aware of the key benefits to owning original art by Calgary artists. If you purchase original art you can claim the expenses towards annual tax deductions (click here for more info) while having the opportunity to support local businesses and artists to put money back into the Calgary economy. ArtMatch also provides authenticity certificates for any artwork purchased as these can be used for tax purposes.

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