Bringing Together the Skylines of Calgary & Arizona to Find the Perfect Art

Adjoining the Bow River and surrounded by large trees this home in Calgary was beautiful on the outside, on the inside it needed some finishing touches for a recent renovation – this is where Vandy and ArtMatch came in! The home owners had just selected their furniture and finishings and were working with a designer, they decided that they wanted original art by local artists to finish off the renovations. Being busy professionals with small children they did not have the time to visit numerous galleries so they sought the convenience of ArtMatch’s online gallery.

Sundown, Rosanna Marmont, 96″ x 48″, oil on wood panel

In the entryway they had a large wall, Vandy suggested either one very large painting or a series of three smaller paintings, often called a ‘triptych’. The husband is a Calgary native while his wife is from Arizona, they wanted artwork that reflected where they grew up. Vandy suggested paintings from ArtMatch artist Rosanna Marmont, she splits her time between Calgary and Arizona and her work certainly reflects that. Rosanna paints large-scale prairie and desert landscapes that highlight the rolling hills and expansive skies. Vandy suggested ‘Sundown’ by Rosanna for the entryway, this large painting of the Arizona skies filled the space perfectly and the red tones of the artwork highlighted the stunning red wood finishes of the home (image above).

Gold Calgary, Erika Voith, 48″ x 36″, acrylic

The upstairs office needed some artwork above the desk. As they were browsing the ArtMatch website they came across ‘Gold Calgary’ and loved it. The entryway featured the beautiful skies of Arizona and they both wanted to feature the stunning Calgary skyline in their home (image above). Vandy hung the painting and it was immediately evident that it had found the perfect home!

(L) Copper Abstraction II, Rosanna Marmont, 36″ x 36″, mounted copper
(R) Copper Abstraction I, Rosanna Marmont, 36″ x 36″, mounted copper

The last space that needed artwork was the family room on either side of the television in two ‘art-niche’ spaces. Typically these ‘art-niche’ spaces can be difficult to find the perfect artworks for as the dimensions are contained and divided in to more than one space. Vandy helped them select two artworks that work as a diptych, two mounted copper artworks by Rosanna Marmont (image above). These works are created by heating copper to red hot temperature and quenching them, Rosanna uses fire, heat, acid, and patina to paint a rich abstract surface. While Rosanna was assisting Vandy with the installation the homeowners realized that she went to the same high school as the husband, it really is a small world!