Beautifying Your Home With Local Art in Time for the Holidays!

Last November ArtMatch had a request for three paintings, this client wanted to wrap up some recent renovations just in time for holiday entertaining! Our client, Jeff, emphasized that he wanted unique and versatile abstract artwork from local Calgary artists. There were three spaces he wanted artwork for including the foyer wall, the living room wall, and an art niche space which functioned as the home bar in the dining room.

Banners Unfurled, Patricia Neden, 60″ x 30″, oil

Vandy brought over three paintings reserved by Jeff and left a few there for a 48 hour trial period. After seeing the paintings on their walls and wanting to try out other options, the clients decided to purchase a flat rate service package since they felt that the art consulting guidance that Vandy offers (for a 6 month period) would truly elevate their whole home. That evening Vandy sat down with Jeff and Jill and discussed what kind of artwork they preferred, what they typically like and dislike in art, and their preference for colour schemes and style. Once Vandy got an idea of their needs, she recommended a few artists that she felt would work within their preferences. Part of the service package includes looking through the ArtMatch online inventory and the space with a designer’s eye, which helps Vandy figure out which paintings our clients will love!

Entropy 9, Cathy Checora, 48″ x 30″, acrylic

Vandy took some measurements of the walls they requested art for and we then created digital mockups. These digital mockups allow you to see the artwork on your walls and in your space, to scale. This exercise is very useful for narrowing down the choices and helps clients visualize the art in their homes. After more consultation, Jeff and Jill decided to get a custom commission done for the art niche space as it was a very specific size (find out more about commissioning art here). They loved Cathy Checora’s ‘Entropy 9’ painting but wanted a larger size, Cathy started the commission right away. As with all of our commissions, Cathy sent frequent progress photos to ensure the clients were happy with the ongoing progress of their artwork!

Industrial Collection #9, Troy Babineau, 79″ x 48″, oil

The living room wall was a bit of a challenge because there were two long windows flagging both sides of the wall and a very high ceiling. Jeff loved Troy Babineau’s abstract style which reminded him Gerhard Richter, but typically Troy’s paintings are very wide. Jeff found one of Troy’s paintings ‘Industrial Collection #9′ and decided to change the orientation so the painting hung vertically. At over 7′ tall and 4’ wide this was a large painting and once it was hung by Troy it became clear that it would be a stunning focal piece in Jeff and Jill’s living room.

A video testimonial from Jeff!

In just one month we were able to work together to find the perfect artwork for this home, and work within the client’s budget. This home is now filled with original art from local artists! To celebrate the whole process with ArtMatch Jeff and Jill even threw a holiday party where Vandy and the three artists mingled and got to enjoy their art in the space, it was truly a rewarding experience for everyone involved!