ArtMatch Year in Review – 2020

After one year of anxious news-watching, restrictions and reopenings, and quiet evenings at home, we have no doubt adapted to a new way of living and working. I personally had less-than-optimistic expectations for ArtMatch, my online gallery, last year when restrictions were introduced in Calgary. Buying original art in 2020, I thought, would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

I thought wrong!

Having been established for 6 years as an online gallery, the transition to a remote service offering was natural.  People were giving more attention than ever to empty walls in their homes, and ArtMatch became a tool for them to visualize original, local artwork on their walls from the comfort of home. It seems to me that 2020 became a year (amongst many other things…) of home improvement.

Many visual artists have struggled this past year due to the inability to hold or participate in art shows and market their work through established means, such as teaching, workshops, and brick-and-mortar galleries, who rely on events and gallery traffic for exposure. As such, we have had more talented, local artists contacting us for representation than ever before.

On a similar note, I am proud to say that 2020 marked Artmatch’s highest-ever recorded art sales. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to support local artists when they needed it most. We have sold over 250 paintings to date and represented more than 50 local artists since ArtMatch started in 2014. Being online makes local art and artists more accessible to customers, with the added advantage of ArtMatch services such as digital mockups, delivery, and in-home trials. Now more than ever, we are doing our best to give back locally, and perhaps this year has brought the realization that spending hard-earned dollars on art and home improvements can offer immense satisfaction and fulfillment – a return on investment that is hard to measure. ALMOST as satisfying as the holidays we were deprived of this year!

While for ArtMatch 2020 has had a clear silver lining, I am aware that the story has not been the same for many others in the world of arts & culture, and beyond.  I look forward to museums, galleries, theatre, concerts, music and dancing opening up again; when we come together is when the arts flourish best.