Zohar Wallach

Zohar Wallach is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Artist Statement:

Fascinated by natural chemistry and correlation between different materials I am constantly exploring depth and substance, connecting visual essentials through colour, texture and form. Random details catch my attention as I highlight hidden elements buried below the surface and give them a new meaning.

My intuition guides me to remain open to unexpected forms of inspiration that surprise and relate to the progression of my work, as it takes an identity. Patterns shift and change, as the language of the forming piece becomes dominant and guides my way, while the layers blend and shift into each other naturally.

Harmony can be discovered within the most trivial elements. I prefer to use natural pigments and sand, and allow natural interactions guide me through the process of creation. Each piece evolves within a few weeks as I listen to the authenticity of the moment and let it decide its course organically. Layers of creation finally settle and become whole, as I allow external elements interfere and shape it.

I’m interested in capturing the essence of time. With the focus on the here and now, every new detail that emerges onto the surface articulates the present and illuminates the wonder of the moment. Hence, forcing us to concentrate on the precious seconds we disregard so frivolously, before we move on.

Never thought to be perusing color and texture, and instead always tried to follow rationality. But the constant need to create shaped who I am today and eventually won over.

Artist Bio:

Born in Israel in 1965, Zohar’s artistic passion started at a very young age when she used to experiment with organic components and paint on anything she could find. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Haifa University, followed by Handwriting Analysis studies. Zohar later joined the corporate world as a human resources consultant. It was only after she moved to Canada in 1999, that Zohar finally became a professional artist, as the vibrant natural landscape inspired her to pursue her original passion. Zohar has an intuitive approach which incorporates dynamic sequences into the most trivial elements. Over the years she developed her unique style of work by applying thick layers of natural pigments and sand onto the canvas, letting it determine the course of the image.

Zohar’s paintings are being sought after by corporate and private collections all over the world. She resides with her family in Calgary, Canada.