Troy Babineau

Troy Babineau is a local artist in Okotoks, AB.Location: Okotoks, AB

In 2013 I watched a documentary on German artist, Gerhard Richter.  He was creating large, abstract paintings by applying and scraping different paints onto canvases using long, narrow, plexiglass panels – also know as the squeegee technique.  To me, the process of it all and the results were completely fascinating.  The colors blended into each other like melting rainbow ice-cream and I was immediately inspired.

Thus, after many years of painting the walls of residential houses for a living, I retired my brushes and traded them in for palette knives and canvasses and began making my own squeegee tools and wooden art frames using real Douglas Fir.  The transition from house painter to artist painter did not take long and within months of adopting the squeegee technique and palette knife usage, for my abstract figurative pieces, I had created dozens of art pieces of various sizes and colors.

Today, I take much pride in that I’ve evolved my techniques and creations into a bit of my own style… which I continuously strive to to do as time moves on.  The future is boundless. Thank you for visiting and have a great day.