Stephen Dozois

Stephen Dozois is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

I spent the first seven years of my life growing up in eastern Canada. Memories of the vibrant reds,yellows and oranges of the maples turning their fall colours forever influenced my art.  The smells of fall, the deep blue shadow patterns in the snow left by the leafless maples,the crunch of the snow on a cold winter day.

At the age of seven I had the opportunity to visit the Mc Michael’s Gallery in Kleinburg Ontario and see works by the Group of Seven and other great canadian artists. Bells went off! I could see clearly a way to express the joy I found with the Canadian landscape

My paintings are an attempt to relive the acute and joyful sensations  I encountered on fall and winter walks with my family so many years ago.

Moving  to Alberta, I immediately fell in love with the prairie landscape. The yellow ocher fields, rolling foothills, chinook arches and aspen trees instantly became  subject matter for my lifelong exploration with watercolours and oils.

I like to keep my process very simple. A good charcoal drawing on a canvas on which I colour my support with a transparent wash of colour, browns,ochers, blue-grays or even reds. I do this for a few reasons, I like to get rid of the stark white canvas and I also like to have the coloured ground peak through in places. I find it unifies the painting, while also warming up or cooling off the subsequent layers of paint

The luminosity of oil paint seem to work best for my subject mater. In my most resent work, I am using a very limited pallet. Perhaps five or six colours.

It is my hope that through my paintings there is a connection, a memory, of long walks through the aspen forests, or down an ally with snow topped roofs on that brings  sense of calm and joy.