Peter Prest

Peter Prest is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Artist’s Biography 

Peter Prest is a Calgary artist working in watercolours and water media. His interest is in catching the prevailing mood in each piece by focusing on its inherent energies and tensions. He works predominantly on watercolour canvas and various panels. These surfaces provide him with new ways to release the energy resident in each piece.

Peter’s work is displayed with ArtMatchFramed on Fifth and Leighton Art Centre in the Calgary area as well as on this website. His paintings have been selected for a number of solo and group exhibitions.


Artist’s Statement

When I was young, I loved drawing human and animal figures, urbanscapes and landscapes. I was always doodling and daydreaming. By the time I started high school, though, I reluctantly realized I had to take my academic studies more seriously, and so my art materials got packed away with the rest of my childhood.

When I retired I reopened that forgotten world, and began to make art again. It was exhilarating to play with line, shape and colour and know that I could do so without feeling guilt.  I had no idea how much I had missed it, but each day since then has been a confirmation, and re-igniting of my original passion for art.

There are two elements in my  artistic development that contribute to my work:

 I was introduced to the potential of watercolour by some very fine teachers. I fell in love with the medium,  and will continue to learn from it for as long as I paint. No one really masters watercolour; it remains a thing apart, and therein lies its beauty.

–   Early into painting, I discovered alternative watercolour surfaces (canvas, board and washi paper collage), with the result that I no longer paint on paper. Each surface presents different challenges and different rewards, and I find myself shifting from one to another according to the mood and subject of each piece.