Pat Grassick

Pat Grassick is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

The intention in all my work is to produce objects that are pleasing to the eye, that invite close and repeated examination, and that require the viewer to bring their own insights, interpretations and imaginings to the work.  The pieces are meant as a kind of visual conversation to which the viewer contributes.  I try always to add complexities and subtleties that keep the viewer engrossed and involved. My work is a back and forth process where the work itself suggests the next step– it’s an open-ended activity in which my initial thoughts and impulses are only the jumping-off point and the final result only announces itself after many additions, amendments and changes.

I have always been a fan of vibrant colour and of loose and gestural brushwork.  I try to have fun with what I do, and at the same time push myself to tackle new subject matter and new approaches and techniques.  For me, it’s all a big continuing experiment.

I don’t subscribe to any particular school or artistic “ism”.  I figure all periods and all aesthetic movements have something to offer, but I do have a couple of ideas about where I want to go with my work.  First, I want to produce work with which  the viewer can continue to interact over time- so I want to produce work that is, in at least one sense, open and incomplete.  I try to arrange things so the viewer can continue to find new things in the work and can continue to read in new interpretations and insights.  Secondly, I want to end up with work that can actually hang somewhere, so I try to make things that people find interesting, intriguing and attractive.