Mary Ann Tarini Hews

Mary Ann Tarini Hews is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

“As an artist, I see the world a little differently. I see color, line, shape, light, and shadow. The interplay of these elements is what draws me to paint a particular landscape, still life or street scene. Sometimes my pieces focus on one of these elements or a combination, radiant color, shimmering light or dramatic diagonal lines, particularly evident in mountain landscapes, courtesy of mother nature. My greatest satisfaction occurs when these elements can draw the viewer into my work.”

Mary Ann is an active member of the Calgary Sketch Club, the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Leighton Art Centre and The Calgary Artists Society. She attends workshops in Canada, the USA and Italy.

Mary Ann paints both in her studio and “en plein air”.

She was born in Northern Ontario, of Italian descent, and paints under her Italian maiden name Tarini. Following a career as a translator, interpreter, and a family move to Calgary, she began and continues a serious pursuit of her lifelong love of painting.