Mark Farand

Mark Farand is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Mark Farand left his career as a graphic designer/illustrator in 1990 to focus his attention on fine art. Breathing life into urban and rural scenes of days past: an old grocery store dances on the corner, abandoned gas pumps sweep into an embrace, and aging grain elevators bow gently with surrounding wheat in the prairie wind.

Mark Farand’s oil paintings, celebrate the terrain in which his generation grew up. Old-style buildings, old gas stations, the old mom & pop corner grocery stores, grain elevators and such. In each painting, Mark animates the beloved locales and markers of bygone days, with a signature flowing line, curve, or twist. Alluding to the nature of the subject matter, a number of cobwebs are concealed in each painting. (For a clue as to how many to look for, check the number after the artist’s signature.)

Mark studied illustration and design at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).  He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, which he still happily calls home. Mark’s work has shown in galleries across Canada and the US, and has exhibited in many solo-artist and group events. His artwork is included in numerous personal and corporate collections.