Lynn Cameron

Lynn Cameron is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

“It’s not about painting what is there, it’s about painting what I see, my impression, my interpretation, and how a place makes me feel”.

Lynn draws inspiration from Canada’s pre-eminent landscape painters; much of her style is derived from artists including Emily Carr and the iconic Group of Seven. Having lived on the West Coast and now residing in Calgary, Lynn’s artwork is increasingly drawn to themes of nature and the wilderness, its constant evolution and the subtle changing of the seasons.

An enthusiastic gardener, Lynn focuses primarily on painting landscapes, forests and floral arrangements. Using a vibrant, saturated palette she enjoys working with acrylic (brushes and palette knife) to capture micro and macro perspectives on canvas. She has a strong desire to build upon her existing techniques, as well as a willingness to experiment with different abstracts. Lynn’s landscapes are meticulously detailed and heavily invested with emotional content; feelings of solitude, serenity and quiet pervade each image. Her studio-time is reflective, meditative, and a visual appreciation of nature. Through her art, Lynn celebrates the unique qualities of the Canadian landscape.

Lynn is a 7-year stroke survivor. She taught herself to paint with her non-dominant hand. While she lives with aphasia (an impaired ability to produce speech), her intellect is very much intact.