Debra Ward

Debra Ward is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

I was born in Banff, the source of a rich wellspring that I still tap when creating my art. Though I live in Calgary now, my heart is still firmly in the wilds.

In oil, acrylic or pastel, my paintings are layered to create depth and nuance of colour and naturally, the beckoning light is everything. What interests me is how the light and forms of nature walk the line between reality and abstraction. I paint outdoors often, then work up the small studies into bigger paintings in my studio.

I love to explore the richness of the primal forest, rock form, undulating coulee, and the cool, clear watershed. Alberta’s constantly changing weather energizes my palette; from autumn’s riot of colour to winter’s soft drifts of muted tones.

I received my BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design and was then hired as a faculty member in the extensions program. There I honed my teaching skills while continuing to investigate the direction of my own artwork.

When I’m not sharing my skills in workshops, I can be found painting up a storm in my studio.