Dawn Thrasher

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Artist Statement

Painting is like language. It enables me to create a visual expression of my ideas, visions and experiences. Landscape is my muse and provides endless inspiration to explore the changing nature of our world. My paintings live in my mind before they appear on canvas. There is something lost and something born in transforming these visions to art. This process feeds my creative efforts. Finding the balance between technique and inspiration is a constant challenge. Knowing when to put the brushes down and leave a painting in a good place is the product of experience. Less is often more.

Artist Biography

Dawn grew up on the Canadian prairie, in the province of “living skies” where many summers were spent in Prince Albert National Park. She received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 1971 and worked as an educator for many years. Painting has been a passion since childhood. She juggled family, teaching and university courses, completing a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Calgary in 1990 majoring in painting and drawing. She has pursued a painting practice for over 25 years and continues to explore new techniques, materials and ideas through workshops and research. Her studio practice is in Arizona, Calgary and Kelowna. Through travel, she has explored a wide range of lands and cultures. This has enriched her understanding of how art conveys cultural, political and environmental issues while revealing a sense of time and place.

Dawn Thrasher   B.Ed, BFA, ASA