Dawn Thrasher

Dawn Thrasher is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Painting articulates my response to the tapestry of nature.  Landscape is my muse. How the natural world presents itself to me is as much about how it feels as how it appears. Drawing helps me understand the geography and geometry of things through building a personal connection with the subject. Painting is the vehicle that enables me to capture the nuance of form, colour, contour, texture and atmosphere that shapes my sense of a place.  My paintings live in my mind before they appear on canvas.

One can revisit a location often yet see it anew each time. My objective is to look through the representational elements of nature and transform my inspiration into an image with a resonance of its own. I want to reflect on the energy of nature, to express the spirit and impact it generates within me through brush and paint. There will always be something lost and something born in this transformation.  This process drives my creative efforts. There comes a point in the creative journey where the work leads and the artist follows.  Knowing when to put the brushes down and leave a painting at a good place comes through experience.  Less is often more.

It takes time and exploration to conceive and crystallize a vision for one’s work. Staying the course, finding the balance between distraction and inspiration; between technique and creativity provides continual challenge. Dedication to the painting practice is paramount.

Dawn Thrasher   B.Ed, BFA, ASA