David Nielsen

David Nielsen is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

David Nielsen is really three different artists: The landscape painter, the storyteller and one-half of the creative collaborative Quality Painters. Nielsen’s large expressionistic plein aire landscapes of the region surrounding Calgary are his most collected body of work. Their scale and confidant brush work speak to the natural energy of Alberta, and his love of the region. His newer work travels creative avenues of expression through collaborations and incorporation of a strong narrative. Taking these artistic risks has resulted in landscapes that are fresh and exciting.

After nearly 20 years teaching, painting and showing in Calgary, he is beginning to see the fruits of his labor. In the past three years, he was awarded full juried member in the Alberta Society of Artists, had a one-man show at the Leighton Centre and also in France. He has participated and sold at the Ranchman’s Emerging Artist Exhibition for two years. His collaborative work in Quality Painters with Craig B Friesen has garnered press coverage by Avenue Magazine and Calgary Metro. Their work Odysseus, has toured throughout the province with the Alberta TREKS program, and will be featured in Calgary City Hall in November 2018.

Nielsen was born in Ottawa in 1966 to a French Canadian mother and Danish father. He has lived in the United States and Europe. He and his wife Holly Schile, currently divide their time between Calgary  and France.