Darren Umbsaar

Darren Umbsaar is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

I am a self-taught acrylic and oil painter, born and raised in Calgary, AB. Living close to the Canadian Rockies continually drives my passion for activities such as hiking, scrambling, skiing, painting, and landscape photography. I have recently graduated with a BSc. in Geology from the University of Calgary, a discipline which has helped me both understand and paint the mountains with greater confidence.

In my artwork, I strive to capture the grandeur and wonder of the Canadian Rockies; from vibrant winter sunrises to late afternoon in the alpine—there are endless combinations of light and colour to explore in the ever-changing realms of the mountains. I often prefer to use large-scale canvases to create realistic and captivating landscape scenes, depicting both the beauty and ruggedness of the wilderness. Many of my paintings are based on locations that I have personally visited, photographed, and connected with. As such, the canvas becomes a window through which I look and can see all of my favourite places.