Daniel Culcea

Daniel Culcea is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB


When we are young the possibilities we see ahead are endless. In my adolescence I discovered “American Greyhound”, the book I loved and read in one sitting.

Traveling the world has been my only thought that went through my mind after I finished that book.  I have started dreaming about meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning about different cultures.

My first stop was my next door city Budapest, followed by Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Vienne. Museums and Art Galleries were on top of my list.

Europe has not been enough, it’s been like, I was looking for something else, something more exciting, and something more meaningful.

Then I have visited America (United States) where I felt my life has been flipped upside down one more time but in a good way.

Now, in Calgary I found everything I dreamed of, my little family, wife and daughter, and the opportunity to pursue my passion for painting.

I have been lucky enough to be born and raised in an artistic family. Growing up in Bucharest, Romania where neoclassic current and art deco go very well together, helped shaping my passion for art, specially painting.  I still remember my first art class taught by my uncle Paul, who is an accomplished artist painter.

And yet I paint as a hobby, trying to express my feelings, emotions, memories I have gotten over the years. My painting work is in private collections in Europe and United States.

In my paintings each color I use, each line I draw talk about me more than words can do…