Cassandra Arnold

Cassandra Arnold is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Cassandra Arnold grew up in the English countryside and moved to Australia at the age of 21.

She worked for many years as a physician in Australia, and then with Doctors without Borders, in Africa, Haiti and Iraq.

She came to Calgary in 2010 and studied with Nancy-lynne Hughes, a realistic acrylic painter. After a few years, she transitioned to her own studio and developed an expressive, high contrast, minimalist style, using acrylics in a variety of ways that can mimic oil or watercolour.

Many of her paintings were inspired by the Rocky Mountains, and Australian artists, Brett Whiteley and Fred Williams.

She was juried in as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2016 and has shown with them in Calgary and Vancouver.

“I love painting with acrylic as I have absolutely no patience with waiting for things to dry. I can do pretty much anything with it on canvas, paper, or board: watercolour effects, thick texture, bursts of colour. Allowing my own voice to come through is a delightful challenge, and what emerges is often a total surprise.”