Becky Holuk

Becky Holuk is a local artist in Calgary, AB.Location: Calgary, AB

Growing up as the youngest of five daughters in a music and art-appreciating family, Becky expressed herself through the arts from an early age — drawing, painting and generally creating with whatever she could get her hands on.

After taking one year of fine arts at the University of Regina, Becky transferred to the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary where she completed the 4-year Visual Communications program.

Ten subsequent years were happily spent working as a graphic designer and illustrator, at which point Becky chose to focus on fine art painting. She finds much joy by participating in the connection which artwork provides between artist and viewer. An observer at heart, the foothills and mountains of the west have particularly inspired her to paint the landscape in her vibrant, expressive style in order to reflect the breath-taking beauty of Creation. Hope you enjoy the views!