Artist Spotlight: Troy Babineau

Do you love abstract paintings? How about abstract paintings from a local Calgary artist? Our next artist spotlight is on Troy Babineau, a Calgary artist who paints large-scale abstract paintings!

Troy creates large-scale, colourful oil abstracts using the “squeegee” technique. Troy says he learned this technique while watching a documentary of Gerhard Richter, the process involves scraping large amounts of oil paint onto canvas using long sheets of plexiglass. This technique allows the vibrant and textured layers of oil paint to meld together.

A Whale’s Song, Troy Babineau, 48″ x 18″, oil, $700

Troy says of his inspirations:

“Directly, much of my artistic inspiration is actually influenced by the beauty of other artists, their talents and abilities. I am often in awe of this capability, which can occasionally leave me with a sense of envy for what they do. However, that is a positive thing for me, as it is also an incentive that stimulates and fuels my determination to be more productive with my own creative development as an artist. ”

Zenith, Troy Babineau, 60″ x 60″, oil, $5000

Troy says of his subjects in painting:

“Aside from the figurative paintings that I conceive, which are mostly based from photographs of my various travels, colour itself is the most central aspect of what, and why I paint. It is the heart and soul of my creativity. Sometimes blending different colours together, using the technique of scraping a long plexiglass panel onto the canvas, can produce and instant marriage of complete satisfaction, which leaves me utterly thrilled. Other times it is nothing more than a thorough discontent and it can literally take months to complete that canvas to my liking.”

Industrial Collection #1, Troy Babineau, 68″ x 36″, oil, $2200

Read more about Troy and his process here!