Artist Spotlight: Sheila Rowe

We’re thrilled to welcome Sheila Rowe to ArtMatch in this latest Artist Spotlight! In this blog you’ll learn more about Sheila’s practice and artwork, which depicts Alberta landscapes in a stunning Impressionist tradition.

Heading Home, Sheila Rowe, 36″ x 48″, oil, $1700

Sheila started her career in broadcast journalism and the CBC before becoming an artist. She says of her experiences coming into art:

“I don’t regret my choice but a few years back, I was ready for new choices and I knew that painting was like a spiritual homecoming. It took a few years of tentative dabbling before I broke through to the place of freedom; I painted like I was just along for the ride! I don’t land there every time I paint but when I do, I sense that I am fulfilling at least part of my destiny.”

Blairmore Blues, Sheila Rowe, 36″ x 48″, acrylic, $1750

Sheila paints in the Impressionist style halotestin and portrays the beauty of Alberta with vibrant colours. In her works, you’ll see the shifting light and shadows across the landscape. She says of her palette:

“My palette of colors is not strictly ‘natural’ but is rather inspired by nature.”

Cherries Jubliee, Sheila Rowe, 34″ x 48″, oil, $1150

Sheila says of her inspiration and process:

“I often ask, ‘what is this painting about?”, then set about to convey both the visual and the emotional tone of each experience. Art is communication; my goal when I create a painting is to communicate the energy and joy I experience when I am truly seeing.”

Read more about Sheila and view all of her available works here.