Artist Spotlight: Rosanna Marmont

Our next Artist Spotlight is on Rosanna Marmont! In this Spotlight you’ll learn more about Rosanna’s practice and processes, which includes heating copper to make stunning fire copper works and using oil to depict romantic and original Alberta landscapes.

Copper Abstract: Rain on the Window, Rosanna Marmont, 33″ x 33″, fired copper, $1350

Born in rural New Zealand, a life of continuous travel and exploration gave rise to Rosanna’s first experience of Western Canada in southern Alberta. Rosanna Marmont works from her studio in Okotoks, Alberta as well as make-shift studio sites throughout North America, including Arizona, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Her paintings and sculptures are sold internationally and are exhibited predominately in Western Canada.

To create her copper works, Rosanna uses a self-developed technique. Heating copper to red hot temperatures and quenching them, she uses fire, heat, acid and patina to paint a rich abstract surface on copper sheets that are loaded with colour, pattern, and contrast. These works typically work well both in close proximity and from a distance, they change with exposure to light, and have a vibrancy to them drawn unique to the copper canvas.

Yellow, Rosanna Marmont, 16″ x 37.5″, watercolour, $950

Her landscape works use a unique technique of incorporating the grain and figure of wood with layers of diluted oil paint, these landscape paintings complicate the romantic portrayal of the Western prairie. The viewer is challenged with an image that grapples between the mystic historic West and the contemporary one, that shows the beauty of this landscape without editing that which is uncomfortable. In these paintings, you’ll find a dichotomy of the Alberta prairies, they are simultaneously inviting and estranging.

Copper Sea, Rosanna Marmont, 32″ x 32″, fired copper and oil, $2100

You can find out more and view all of Rosanna’s paintings here.