Artist Spotlight: Patricia Neden

Do you love abstract and original paintings? Our next Artist Spotlight features Paricia Neden, an abstract artist and longtime ArtMatch artist! Read more about Patricia’s work in our newest blog post. 

Punting, Patricia Neden, 24″ x 48″, oil, $1700

Patricia was born in Quebec and grew up in a rural setting before relocating to Alberta. The scenic environments she grew up in have informed and inspired her artistic expression and practice throughout her life. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with distinction, and subsequently completed a degree in Print Media also with distinction.

You’ll find a very wide variety of works in Patricia’s roster, including scenic landscapes and dynamic abstracts – all depicted with stunning texture and vibrant colours.

She says of Colour Abstraction: [This painting] is a play of colour and motion, turbulent, yet at rest within its center. Dramatic, dynamic, restful, and settled.

Colour Abstraction, Patricia Neden, 40″ x 40″, oil, $2000

Patricia uses incredible techniques sibutramine kopen to blend her abstract style into landscape paintings. In her works, these techniques are used to create dynamic movement and feeling. In White Wind, the brushstrokes are used to create the feeling of a chilling wind blowing across an Alberta field. The warm colours of the field emerge from the cold, using incredible contrast to offer the viewer serenity.

White Wind, Patricia Neden, 48″ x 60″, acrylic, $2200

You can see all of Patricia’s available work here.