Artist Spotlight: Pat Grassick

On to our next artist spotlight, today we are featuring Pat Grassick! Read more about Pat, his practice, and his paintings in this new blog!

Pat uses soft, pastel shades to compose misty landscapes and tranquil abstractions.

In the Misty Mountains, Pat Grassick, 40″ x 40″, acrylic, $720

Pat says of his work:

“…I want to produce work with which the viewer can continue to interact over time – so I want to produce work that is, in at least one sense, open and incomplete. I try to arrange things so the viewer can continue to find new things in the work and can continue to read in new interpretations and insights.”

Going to the Prom!, Pat Grassick, 38″ x 30″, mixed media, $620

Read more about Pat and browse lo esencial winstrol his available paintings here!