Artist Spotlight: Eleanor Boyden

We have another new artist to introduce to you in our artist spotlight blog, welcome Eleanor Boyden! Eleanor was born and raised in Calgary and the beauty of Alberta skies kickstarted her practice. These beautiful and distinct abstract paintings use bold colors and distinct forms to explore humanity and the world. Read more about Eleanor in our newest blog post!

Off the Grid-Eleanor Boyden-ArtMatch

Off the Grid, Eleanor Boyden, 72″ x 48″, acrylic, $1200

Eleanor uses acrylic paint to create large-scale abstract paintings. Eleanor says of this painting “Off the grid”:

“Everyday in my life I have worked to balance my needs, so I was more interdependent in my environment, shrink my footprint on the environment while being supportive to family and friends. It seems to a precarious balance but when I’m winning, I’m off the grid.”

These distinct forms and vibrant colors also seem to reference the aesthetics of grafitti and street art.

Tropical Map-Eleanor Boyden-ArtMatch

Tropical Maps, Eleanor Boyden, 47″ x 47″, acrylic, $600

Eleanor says of her practice and process:

“My practice is an expressive meditative response on the world and humanity found within it. Like the many layers of our humanness, I create layers mirroring our individual state of life, both higher states alongside those that we seek to rise above.”

Sightings of Good-Eleanor Boyden-ArtMatch

Sightings of Good, Eleanor Boyden, 72″ x 48″, acrylic, $1200

Eleanor says of this painting “Sightings of Good” and the power of positivity in her practice:

“Daily we are flooded with negativity and attempting to find some good can be overwhelming. The gold metallic with the florescent colours of paint represents the possibility of changing our perspective.”

To see all of Eleanor’s work and browse her available paintings here.

After Glow-Eleanor Boyden-ArtMatch

After Glow, Eleanor Boyden, 72″ x 48″, acrylic, $1200