Artist Spotlight: Cindy Bouwers

We hope you’re enjoying our artist spotlights! For our next spotlight we are featuring Cindy Bouwers, for more information about her paintings and her practice read our new blog!

Cindy paints a variety of subject matters, including florals, abstracts, and landscapes in a variety of mediums.

Pink Prairie Rain, Cindy Bouwers, 30″ x 24″, acrylic, $1200

“This interesting pink cloud reflecting in these Alberta wetlands grabbed my attention after a sudden summer rain storm.”

Soft, yet bold colours create line, form, and shape to compose stunning artworks.

Tickled Pink, Cindy Bouwers, 24″ x 24″, oil, $800

“Drawing my inspiration from the natural world, I seek to give voice to the joy of observing and experiencing all the diversity it offers. As I make use of organic shapes and and experiment with colour, creating from a memory, an experience or a visual impression of the natural world.”

Fresh Tulips, Cindy Bouwers, 30″ x 24″, oil, $990

“The brushwork in this piece has a sense of immediacy clenbuterol en france that I enjoy. The colour and illumination of the tulips set against a darker background combine to create a feeling of strength and optimism.”

Cindy says of her inspiration:

“Inspiration for [my] paintings comes from moments of quiet reflection, in watching the play of light, translating the shapes and patterns created in its path.”

Aspen Grove, Cindy Bouwers, 36″ x 12″, oil, $875

Read more about Cindy and browse her paintings here.