Artist Spotlight: Chlan Grant

Do you have a love for vibrant and unique abstract art? If so make sure to check out our newest Artist Spotlight on Chlan Grant! Chlan grew up in a traditional rural community in Saskatchewan. After High School she studied Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan.

Molten Ice, Chlan Grant, 32″ x 32″, acrylic on panel, $900

Chlan creates beautiful and colourful abstracts on acrylic panel! She continue to take classes at ACAD in Calgary to learn new concepts & push herself “outside the box” of creativity.

Harmony, Chlan Grant, 32″ x 32″, acrylic on panel, $600

Chlan works with fundraising committees in schools and create art with the students. The art is then auctioned at a fundraiser with the parents. The projects have been very well relieved and she has helped raise over $200,000 for schools in the Calgary area.

She says of her practice and reason for making:

“Art is a way of life for me. I think about creating throughout almost every aspect of my day. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love. When I’m creating art I am the happiest I can be.”

Inside Out, Chlan Grant, 44″ x 32″, acrylic on panel, $960

View all of Chlan’s available work here.