A Luxury Installation at The Concord Condominium in Eau Claire, Calgary

6 years ago, Vancouver-based company Concord Pacific began construction on its first Alberta-based project, an upscale (read: ultra-luxury) residential development spanning 14 stories over the peace bridge, in the heart of Eau Claire neighbourhood. The new development, titled The Concord, was projected to provide over $1 billion in economic impact to the local community. Some images of the development, which is now fully built, below.

All image credit to the Concordhttps://www.theconcord.ca/#/Architecture

Maybe you’ve read my mind from looking at the latter image: the lobby is SCREAMING for art. Thankfully, the management team was seeking not only original art for the Concord, but their goal from the outset was to support local. ArtMatch was selected to help deliver on this goal, and we could not be happier with the result.

The Foyer: a custom commission by Calgary artist Lynette Melnyk

ArtMatch artist Lynette Melnyk was selected by the Concord team and did her magic by producing 4 spectacular panels of custom abstract paintings. In her own words, Lynette describes her vision for these panels:

With your lobby being the first impression that is made by an owner or a guest, I want to create harmonious and impactful paintings with a modern twist. The scale of the lobby can easily accept large-scaled paintings which make a statement and draws a person into the space. The paintings will complement the lobby design in its blending of eclectic styles, rich textures and elements to produce a forward-thinking aesthetic.

In addition to the general concept are the following details from Lynette:

A wonderful mix of copper, gold, and silver metallic paint, along with black, greys, and whites to complement the richness of the other materials, such as the wood, marble, and backlit onyx.

The shapes created still have movement and conversations together, but they are more solid and strong.

Multiple layers create an intriguing depth to add to the beauty of the lobby.

Each painting can stand on its own, but together they make a magical statement.

And most importantly, some images of the installed pieces below:


It goes without saying that Lynette absolutely dazzled us with this commission, and we hope (and expect) that resident and guests of the Concord Calgary will also be dazzled each time they step into the lobby.

The penthouse suite: showcasing works by Lynette Melnyk, Patricia Neden, Becky Holuk, Cindy Bouwers, and Janie Lockwood.

We were also consulted to lease a selection of artwork from the ArtMatch Calgary collection in a penthouse suite of the Concord, which is used for showings on an ongoing basis. This provides a great opportunity for artist exposure, since the showrooms receive plenty of traffic, and those who are looking to purchase and move into new homes are often looking for art – since these paintings are still available for sale! A decorator/stager (Dezin Home Staging) was contracted to decorate the rooms and was ultimately in charge of the final art selections. Their general approach was to keep neutral with the furniture palette and go bold with the art.

Consultations between ArtMatch, the decorator, and the Concord were carried out and the artists eventually selected for this leasing opportunity were Lynette Melnyk, Patricia Neden, Becky Holuk, Cindy Bouwers and Janie Lockwood. Several images of the art in the penthouse are shown below.

From left to right: In My Garden ; Candy Mountain – both by Becky Holuk

Several works by Lynette Melnyk

Work by Lynette Melnyk

From left to right: Feathered Sound ; Color Blast ; Distortions of Tradition – all by Patricia Neden

From left to right: Frolic in Blue and Yellow ; Blue Surge – both by Cindy Bouwers

Stone Clouds (Dipytch) by Janie Lockwood

Springs New Green by Patricia Neden

From left to right: In Motion ; Writing My Story ; How It Makes Me Feel – all by Lynette Melnyk

 Color Abstraction by Patricia Neden

I could write more, but the art speaks for itself. This project was a great example of our ability and willingness to work with professional designers, and provide art which is both designer-friendly (many of our artists have design backgrounds), but can also stand out as original, accomplished work which forces the user to pause and contemplate it’s beauty, power, and meaning. We thank Concord Developments for this wonderful opportunity, for being so easy to work with, and most importantly, for supporting local and original Calgary art!